Sleeping Children

I got up at 5AM the other morning, my 4 year old’s feet in my back. My one year old woke up and I put him in bed with me too and snuggled him back to sleep.

When I got up I looked down at the two of them lying there, side by side, one tow headed, the other with his auburn curls. I fell in love with them a little more, surprised yet again by the depths of my ability to love them.

It was still dark outside and I was getting up to get some writing done before they woke and our crazy day began. I had to remind myself to picture them lying here peacefully, remember how much I adore them when I felt compelled to yell at them in a couple hours for stealing each other’s toys or playing in the toilet.

One thought on “Sleeping Children

  1. It is amazing what angels kids are when they are sleeping; but it allows to reaffirm our love without having to be parents right then. Great read

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