What Is A Tomboy?

What is a tomboy?  I find that people are either very specific in their answers, or very vague and not really sure.  I find this even among other tomboys.  I know girls who do hair, make-up, dress up, but play rugby.  Are they tomboys?

I personally have short hair, live in cargo shorts and t-shirts, do not wear make-up and fight mma as my retirement sport from rugby.  Oh, and I’m almost 38 and have 2 kids and a husband.


I have tomboy friends who are gay and dress in men’s wear, and those who dress girly.

I don’t think there really is one kind of tomboy.  I suspect it is just a word to describe a woman that isn’t really girly.

It doesn’t make us less feminine.  I still have all the bits and pieces of a female, so I couldn’t be more or less feminine.  I still have two xx chromosomes.  I am a female regardless of how many tackles I make.


So what is a tomboy, then?  Please take the time to take the poll and let me know what you think a tomboy really is.  I’m curious to know, because I do not believe it can realy be defined.  I have kept it basic on purpose, or you can fill in your own idea.


2 thoughts on “What Is A Tomboy?

  1. Expression of gender fluidity seems to be more accepted, which has enabled the definition of tomboy to be expanded. Tomboy, I think, is arguably synonymous with androgyny, but androgyny sounds sexier.

    • Perhaps from a fashion viewpoint androgyny could be argued. As gender identification, I think that tomboys preserve the right to be completely feminine regardless of how we dress or act.

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