Where Do Boppies Go to Die?

This is a serious question. Where do Boppies go to die?

I still have the Boppy from my first son’s infancy, then I have the one from my second son. Now that my baby is ten months old, we don’t use it anymore.

There are several baby items in my house that I am not concerned about re-homing. A bit of cleaning off of the caked on food and baby goo, and we’re good to hand-me-down. But the Boppy is kind of borderline.

Can you hand down an item that has had your breast milk leaked onto it? Really, it’s kind of like, here, have my pillow. But if you can’t give it away, and you don’t need it, where does it go?

I have a hard time throwing away something as substantial as a Boppy. I mean, aside from it’s substance and size, it has meaning. It braced my abdomen as I recovered from a C-section, it cradled my baby while he nursed, then assisted him as he sat up, and caught him as he plopped over. I mean, it won’t fit in a babybook, and it keeps getting tossed around the living room as it falls off the back of the couch, or behind a chair.

Boppies are like zombies, really slow and stupid, but they always seem to catch up with you.

I try to come up with a way to repurpose it. It works fairly well to support a tablet, but not wide enough for my laptop. It serves decently when I’m reading a book, but not very well as a neck brace like for traveling (it’s just not practical). That makes me think though that it might serve well for road trips. I might be onto something there.

How have you used your old Boppy? Do you think it’s ok to include them in the items you donate to new moms? Leave me a comment and let me know. Seriously, I really want to know.

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