Mischief Night



It’s mischief night- the night before Halloween.  This is a new concept to me.  Where I’m from, there is no mischief night.  I love the idea of it though and am seriously miffed that it wasn’t a thing in my community growing up.  I could have had some serious fun.  Instead we biscuited friends and strangers’ cars in drive bys and had no name for these pre-Halloween mischievous outings.

Biscuiting,by the way, is when you buy cans of biscuits and throw raw dough at oncoming vehicles or place them all over someone’s car windows and let them dry on. We typically cruised around looking for our friends to peg with the raw dough, but occasionally got bored and went after a stranger’s vehicle.  We were chased on more than one occasion, which made the hooliganism that much more exhilarating.


One of my second favorite mischievous things to do was stealing security signs.  You know, the little signs in people’s gardens that says the house is protected by such and such home security system.  We’d pull up and every one would get out and run up to the houses, each grabbing a sign and running back to the car.  We quit only when we ran out of space for all of us and the signs in the car.


We did our share of TPing.  It wasn’t our caper of choice, but a memorable outing was when we TP’d one of my buddy’s ex-girlfriend’s house.  She lived at the end of a long driveway.  We were decorating nicely when I hear someone yell, “run!”, and hear an angry man yelling obscenities before I see him.  We were all track and cross country runners, so we made it to the car in time, though I felt like I was running in one of those dreams where your legs are heavy and you can hardly move.  Unfortunately, one of the other girls had a bad angle and it looked like she and the dad were going to hit the car at the same time.  She made it first, but just barely, and the dad was grabbing the door handle as we pulled her in.  Ah, good times!

I guess we didn’t need a mischief night, but it would have added to the fun.  What were your most mischievious outings as a teen? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

One thought on “Mischief Night

  1. Wow. I definitely don’t have anything that lives up to all that!! Sounds like you had quite a good time growing up! Now I just feel boring. I think the worst thing I did was steal a stalk of corn or ride around in car trunks (why on earth I did that, I’ll never know!).

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