Mixed Martial Mommy

The Tomboy Mommy is about being an active, physical female, while raising a family. Today I’m highlighting a woman that epitomizes this balance. She is The Tomboy Mommy sponsored MMA fighter, Ferocious Fatima. Fatima is walking into the cage this weekend in her 5th amateur fight, and a title shot at that (and rumor has it, last before she goes pro). With a 3-1 record, Fatima has balanced fight training, essentially back to back camps, with being a wife and mother to two young kids. I asked Fatima how she balances everything.

Ferocious Fatima

Ferocious Fatima

TBM: How did you get the name, Ferocious Fatima?
FF: It is a name I picked up through training years ago.

TBM: How long have you trained martial arts?
FF: I have trained a bit over three years.

TBM: What disciplines are you trained in?
FF: When we say mixed martial arts, we mean it. I do a bit of Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, judo and wrestling.

TBM: Were you a tomboy growing up and do you consider yourself a tomboy now?
Growing up I was a tomboy and still see myself as one. I dress like a girl, but my actions and activities scream otherwise.

TBM: What is your greatest challenge with being a fighter and a mommy?
The commute to training takes away more time than I want it to from the kids. I devote every moment that I’m not working or training to them and they fully understand the training and commitment. It’s something I hope I pass to them- not so much training martial arts, but being consistent in what you commit to.

TBM: Do you think being a fighter makes you a better mommy?
I think it’s the other way around. Being a mother, it doesn’t matter what I feel like when I wake up, I have to do what I need to do as a mother. So when I wake up and I don’t feel like training, whether it’s physically or emotionally, I remind myself that I’m a mother, and I’m able to push through it.

TBM: How do you juggle being a mom and a fighter?
Before training I do homework with my son and at times I take them with me to do a class before mine. We spend a lot of family time over the weekends. What I do in training is a full time job and it’s not any different than the typical working mother that spends 9 hours a day away at work.


TBM: What does your typical day look like?
I go to work, get off, do homework with the kiddos or hang out, go train, and do my drilling/class/sparring/open mat, go to Gold’s Gym for cardio and weights, then head home to shower and sleep, and of course eat in between all of that.

TBM: What do your kids think about you being a fighter?
My daughter especially loves it. They understand it’s a sport and what it’s about. My son tells everyone at school about it.

TBM: Do your kids want to fight someday because mommy does?

My daughter always says, “I want to be a fighter like mommy.”

My son trained brzilian jiu jitsu with me before I stared fighting, but he never expresses any competition desires, and I wouldn’t ever push them to.

TBM: What message do you want to send to other women as a mommy who fights?
My message would be that with balance and following structure, anything is possible.

You can follow Fatima on her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/ferociousfatima

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