Things I’ve Googled Since Having a Baby

Even though this is my second child, I found the same fears creeping into my paranoid mommy brain. Here are a few of the things I have googled in the 5 weeks since my son was born.

Can you take Excedrin while breast feeding?
Because after a pregnancy of headaches treated only with Tylenol, I was anxious for something that could really kick a headache’s ass.

Recovery time after C-section
Because I was ready to start training again, like, 9 months ago.

Ruptured c-secion incision
Because I might have done too much

Symptoms of Colic
Because I have to believe he’s not screaming because of something I did.

How to treat colic
Because I have to believe he’ll stop screaming

Because I’m a mom and I’m constantly afraid he’s going to quit breathing.

How to wrap a Moby
Because ?&@!

Post partum depression
Because I’m losing my mind

Baby blues
Because hopeufully it’s a brief phase

Newborn exposed to sick toddler
Becase, Oh my God, my 3 year old is going to give my baby the plague, how am I supposed to protect him from gross germy people when I have to take care of a gross germy person too!

Normal sleep patterns for a newborn
Because there is no way this is normal.

Developmental milestones
Because, shouldn’t he be rolling over by now?  He’s 5 weeks old, aren’t other 5 week olds rolling over already?

Bloating after C-section
Because I feel like a Macy’s Parade balloon.

Constipation remedies
Because, well, you get the idea.  Those pain meds really back you up.

Colors of newborn poop
Because, it’s supposed to be sunshine yellow?

Retractions in new born respiration
Because, If he’s asleep and breathing deeply, there must be something wrong.

How to sleep with your eyes open
Because I just typed this in my sleep.  You really can learn how to do anything on the internet.


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