Maternity Leave

I didn’t mean to take a 3 week maternity leave from my blog.
Do stay at home moms even get maternity leave? How does that work? I don’t really feel like a stay at home mom. As I write more I consider myself a work from home mom. No one is paying me yet so I often feel like I’m lying to myself and certainly do not feel justified in stealing a few precious moments to write. But I’m a writer and writers, aspiring or otherwise, write.

I have thought about you, my readers, regularly.
Would you miss my posts? Would you come back when I could get around to posting again? Will the quality of my posts suffer as I steal time to type a line here and there between diaper changes, feedings and replacing the pacifier? Yes, these first few posts might be a little slap-dash as I steal what moments I can, just to write what I can…to keep writing.

Every time I think I will sit down to write while the baby is sleeping I think about how exhausted I am, or how little sleep I will probably get tonight so I should sleep whether I feel like it right then or not. I think I should do the dishes or pick up the toys my three year old has scattered across the house in an attempt to get a little attention. At this exact moment, my three year old is hanging on the back of my neck saying,

I miss you mommy.

I hug him back and assure him I love him too and try to type another sentence. This is Tuesday so he’s home. He goes to “school” three days a week, but even then, I find myself taking every available moment from tending the baby to do something else.

So this lament is my reintroduction to writing after a 3 week hiatus.
I think about writing as much as I think about working out. I’m on a mandatory 6 weeks post C-section recovery though so my outlets are dwindling while I attend a stressful stage that requires outlets I cannot access. But I’m writing right now, though briefly, because the baby is screaming from the swing that had been placating him for a few moments. I suspect the bright blue toy gecko perched atop his head is the reason he’s screaming- my three year old sitting innocently by, the most likely culprit.

I have some great content in my head, so stay tuned. If I can steal a few moments to get it from my mind to my blog, we’ll be up and chugging again. Time to go clean the throw up from my shoulder for the nineteenth time today.

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